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In Trevor Noah’s first year as host of The Daily Show, he and The Best F#@king News Team unpack the day’s top headlines, putting a microscope to President Obama’s final year in office, Indecision 2016 and much more.

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So… I guess cable is finally obsolete. One nation under John Stewart, baby! I think the best thing about this show is that Mr. Stewart is actually invested in his topic. He jests, but it seems like he really cares about America. Wish the same could be said for politricktions…

What do you mean “fake news”??? JON FOR PRESIDENT!

Babe, you had me at hello. Thanks for presenting politics and politicians like the clowns they are. If it weren’t for Jon I’d never know what the hell was going on in politics – the “real news” is just too depressing (and biased) to watch – made for mindless sheep – (though I don’t mind being a part of Jon’s herd). Who’s fake?? The networks selling politicians crap as news or the Daily Show’s interpretation of the BS we’re sold everyday? (Such as Bush’s new brilliant discovery – we’re addicted to oil – duh!) Thank God for sarcasm! Jon’s impersonation of Bush is right on the money heh-heh. Bring on Colbert! This way I can catch-up at work…


FINALLY we get the greatest show EVER to hit comedy central (besides South Park, of course). Nothing could possibly stand up to the hilarity and awsomness of jon stewart. His interviews with his guests are always really good, and its not all jokes and “haha” all the time, theres actually quite a good deal of things you could learn from waching. I try to catch him every night, but the folks wont have it. BUY THE MULTIPASS, it will be the best decision you’ve made in a while. It may seem pricy, but its worth it. The Colbert Report is good too, but the Daily Show if better by leaps and bounds.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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